SPEEDO WEEK - Order your discounted race suits and backpacks!!

October 7, 2021


EKSC is one of only 5 Clubs in Canada that has the advantage of a sponsorship from Speedo. This year we have organised for the opportunity for all members to receive considerable discounts on race suits and backpacks. Twice a year we will be hosting a 'Speedo Week' whereby we will be able to offer race suits/backpacks at a 40% discount. The first Speedo week will be 25 - 29th October. 

An email has been sent to all members with a product summary of the race suits available for purchase as well as the EKSC team back pack. The price lists are also attached to the product summary.

To order a suit or backpack we will need you to fill out the following form by 24th October:


Orders will be invoiced to your Member Account.

You will NOT be able to purchase the discounted products on our Team Aquatics online store. We have to place a bulk purchase to access the discount. We are not able to process orders until the 29th October so it is unlikely we will receive shipment until later in November. We have chosen the October date so as we can offer families the opportunity to get a new race suit before the December meets.

If you wish to order more than 1 item unfortunately you will have to complete the form again :(

As a note for Bronze and Silver swimmers. We do not encourage these swimmers to purchase an expensive race suit. Their normal training suit is suggested for competitions.

Thanks all